If your battery is not working there are several things to check and try.

Make sure it is turned on:

Most eGo batteries come with a 5 click on and off feature and are shipping in the default state of "off", to turn on rapidly click the power button 5 times to turn it on. It can be tricky! Keep trying.

Charge your battery when you first get it also. It is usually charged to 70-80% capacity.

Does your battery fail to charge or fire a clearomizer?
You may have a compressed center pin. This can happen when a clearomizer or other device is tightened too far down on the battery causing the pin to compress and no longer make contact withe your device or charger.

There is a simply "fix", use a nail file or something similar to pry up the center post just slightly (no more than 1 mm)
This will sometimes bring your battery back to life.

Please note, we do not cover compressed pins under warranty, we can tell by looking at the oring if something is compressesed.

Try lifing the center pin, it might help.



Discolored or soaked Oring seal:

If lifing the pin does not help you may have liquid in the battery housing that has shorted your battery, if you have a leaky clearomizer this can ruin your battery. Clean out the top of the pin with a clean and dry qtip and let it sit for a day. This can dry out any liquid inside and may bring it back to life (rare but it can happen), we do not cover batteries shorted by leaking cartomizers, when your battery is opened if there is liquid inside it it will not be covered, please check your clearomizers often for signs of leakage.

Do you have a Blinking Battery?

This usually means a battery has been shorted. But if it blinks 10 or more times it's usually means it needs to be charged, do that first.

If it doesn't charge that means it's shorted or dead.

Steps to try:
1. Turn it off with the 5 click, let it sit for a hour, put it back on the charger. When fully charged, turn it back on and use.

2. Try to turn it on again, sounds silly but I myself have accidently turned off batteries! 5 Click!

3. Try a different carto/clearo/device

4. Try to back off on the carto/clearo a half turn, the device might be shorting your battery.

5. Try the center post lift trick above, if the center post is severly compressed the positive center post will be making contact with the negative shell and causing a short, lift the pin it may stop the short.

6. Bang It! Yo! This sounds really silly but when all else fails, give it a shot, smack the battery (bottom first) on a hard surface (not so hard as to leave a dent!)

Returning the battery:

If it continues to blink or not turn on and it is within the 30 day window for returns, and you are sure it isn't liquid in the battery, send it back to us with USPS/UPS tracking and a NOTE with your name and order number (IWe cannot replace lost shipments without tracking) at the address below with your order number, name and note about the item, it will be replaced or exchanged for a like item if we are out of stock.

13 Rockdale Ave
Oakville, CT 06779

We will pay only for shipping a new battery to you if the battery is indeed defective and within the 24 hour DOA period, if it is not, you are responsible for the shipping charges both ways.

However, be aware we do not replace multiple batteries, if you receive a replacement and the same thing happens to you within a short period of time then it is more likely that a device you are attaching to the battery is causing the issue. I cannot warranty batteries continually. My suggestion is to change devices.

There are always potential tolerance and ohm/voltage issues that can cause shorting, since I cannot know what you are attaching I cannot continually warranty batteries that short on you. If it's blinking it's shorted, check your equipment.