Battery safety

First, before anything else, proper battery care is important and should never be overlooked.  The batteries you buy are almost always from China, they are not top quality USA made batteries (if there is such a thing) and are less prone to regulation and oversight. They are also made by people who will never see you or face any consequences of bad proucts. This is not to say they are bad, it is very rare that a batery will vent, explode or otherwise cause trouble, but we have all heard the stories right?

I don't want to hear about another one!

I cannot protect you from a bad battery I have no way of testing for potential bad batteries, only you through your vigilence and following some simple saftey tips can prevent something from happening.

Battery Safety Tips

1. Do not leave a charging battery unattended for any reason
It is not safe to leave your house, have them charge over night or otherwise ignore them.  When batteries fail it is usually in a dramatic fashion, venting liquid, heat and even flame in rare cases.

You wouldnt leave the oven on, don't leave your batteries charging!

 2. Inspect your batteries for signs of leakage.
Look at the battery, if it is a mod battery, inspect the seals, the coatings, the ends, look for torn seals, discolored areas or anything that doesn't look like it belongs. Do this every time you charge the mod battery! 

If you have a sealed battery like an eGo, make sure of all of the above as well, it's not as easy to see but a bad eGo battery may show signs of danger as well. 

3. Do not store your batteries in a hot place, in direct sunlight or in a tightly enclosed space. 
"explosions" can happen when saftey is not followed.

4. Do not charge your batteries overnight.
This falls under #1 "unattended" just don't do it. 

5. Check your charging cables 
Look for liquid, debris or signs of warping, melting or anything out of the ordinary, itf it looks like something is amiss, don't use it!

6. Clean the tops of your eGo batteries. 
Keep them clean of liquid and other debris and check the charging cable connection s well. Check everytime you charge a battery!

7. Keep Odd battery problems in check
If your battery button sticks, if your battery is behaving diffrerently, do not use it.  It is not worth the price of a battery to risk anything happening, when in doubt get rid of it (safely at a recycling enter)

This might sound like I am trying to scare you... you'd be right... batteries can be dangerous, can burn you, your belongings or in rare cases start a fire.  This isn't just ecig related, the same thing can happen to your RC car, rechargable remote batteries or anything else requiring a rechargable battery.

Practice Safe Battery!