How long with my clearomizer or coil head last?

This is a question I get often, and it's not easy to answer.

In general, a coil head or clearomizer can last anywhere from 3 to 14 days.

I get many questions about which coil lasts the longest, but it's not really about the individual coil. Some coils will last longer than others but there is no way for anyone to pinpoint which one would last longer, for you.

A coil can have a short life or "die" for many reasons:

1. Voltage used. If you use too high of a voltage for the ohms (resistance) of your coil, you can burn it out, weaken the coil, burn the wick and cause it to die rather rapidly (sometimes instantly.) Excess voltage will burn the enclosed wick on your coil.    This causes excess heat build up because the e-liquid cannot saturate the coil, the heat will not dissipate and the coil "pops."

2. Chain vaping. Even if you use the proper voltage, chain vaping (not taking time between vapes) can cause the coil to overheat, burning the wick and killing the coil.

3. Caramelization. Build up of e-liquid residue on wicks is the most common issue in longevity. If you have a sweet e-liquid or a tobacco-based e-liquid the added sweeteners or natural sugars will caramelize onto the coil when they encounter excess heat.  These sugars are deposited on the wick and the coil building up, "gunk" stopping the wick process, ruining the flavor and the coil.

No matter how well you take care of a coil, clean it, avoid chain vape and use the right voltage, it will eventually die out and need to be replaced. If you find your coils not lasting very long it is generally something from the list above or a combination.

If you find yourself constantly changing coils, you might simply want to lower your voltages, increase the ohms of your clearomizer or coils or switch clearomizer type.

However, simply changing clearomizers isn't always the solution, sometimes it is but more often than not if you are experiencing short coil life it is something from the list.

In addition, coils are not all the same.  Wicking and coiling materials vary.  You will need to experiment to find the best clearomizer or coil for your device and your preferences.

Lastly, e-liquids  can damage plastics used in clearomizers and cartomizers. 

Please see a list of e-liquids not recommended for use in plastic clearomizers on this E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) thread: