Filling Bottom Coil Clearomizers

Filling Bottom Coil Clearomizers is relatively easy. You just need to be a bit careful. (Refer to Image 1)

First, remove the base and put it aside. 

Then, tip the clearomizer upside down and fill liquid against the side of the clearomizer. 

Do not get any liquid into the center hole.  

Last, make sure you put the base back on "finger tight," and you are done. 

bottomcoils3.jpg bottomcoils2.jpg 
Image 1

The difference between a top coil/top fill clearomizer and bottom coil/bottom fill clearomizer is show in Image 2 below.   

If the drip tip is removable, it is most likely a top fill clearomizer.

If the drip tip is not removable, it is always a bottom coil/bottom fill clearomizer. 


Image 2