Liquids and Tanks

Leaky Carto, Cracked tank?  The cause could be your eLiquid

Here is a list of e-juices known to deteriorate polycarbonate tanks:

Any sour flavours
Any flavours that contain malic acid.
Any e-liquids that contain essential oils
E-liquids that contain triacetin, (used in vg liquids to carry flavour more effectively)
Cinnamon like "atomic cinnamon" types 
Clove oil

This is not a comprehensive list, just what is known at this time.

There is an ongiong list here on ECF

Please check that list before using.

It is recommended not to use anything listed above, you can but clearomizers are not warrantied for this purpose, also keep in mind that when something "eats" away at the plastic or cracks a plastic, that residue is going into your lungs.


copied from an ECF post by mikrosoft