Pre-Orders and why we do not generally do them

I often get asked why I do not do pre-orders.

First, I am sorry, I know some of you really want pre-orders and have had great experiences with them and with other vendors who do them correctly,  but I really do not wish to do it and I think I have some good reasons why not.

Pre-orders are somewhat problematic, in many cases a manufacturer will delay, change or even back out of an order and this leaves pre-order customers waiting longer or not getting what they might have ordered.

There is also a pre-order craze going on right now (2013) and this is how I see it 
(just my opinion, I am not passing judgement on any other vendor):

Vendor "x" sees a product on a manufacturers catalog and thinks it would be a great addition to their line up, but the item is expensive.  Too expensive for the vendor to stock and hope it sells.  (which is how vendors normally operate, buy stock, hope it sells)So Vendor "X" decides to do a pre-order, what they are essentially doing is using your money to fund the purchase, this way the vendor knows exactly how many they will sell and doesn't have to take any risk.

Another reason a vendor would do a pre-order is to be "first" to list something, not necessarily the first to get it, but the "first" to allow you to buy it.  It's nice to be first, but I'd rather have the product in hand so you get it when you pay for it rather than wait weeks or months for an ambiguous date.

The way to tell if someone is using your money is they will have a non specific release date and have a coupon code for a brand new item.

This is something I simply will not do. I will not gamble with your hard earned money. There have been countless cases where a manufacturer will tell a vendor a product looks like this, will come out on this date "would you like to buy them" and then after the sale the release date gets pushed back, the product changed.

This uncertainty is the number one reason I will not do pre-orders. 

In some cases, vendors are also doing this to generate pageviews and trafic to their website, they are willing to make no profit on an item and send out a coupon code for a pre-order in hopes that this will grow their business. This is smart and can be great for business, I just choose not to do it due to the risk to you.

I am not about to tell another vendor how to run their business but in my opinion, this pre-order practice sometimes backfires in the end. This may be great for them (and you) but I just do not wish to risk a bad pre-order for my customers.

I have done pre-orders in the past but every time I have done it I have already received my tracking number on the order, this ensures that you will indeed get what you paid for and on time. When I do a pre-order you will know that the product is coming.

If you are looking for a pre-order from another vendor,  please, by all means, do it, if you believe you will get the item faster and cheaper I am here to tell you, go for it! Just make sure there is a specified date of arrival and not just a guess or estimate.  This is your money!