MSRP and why are prices are sometimes really low and sometimes really high!

MSRP stands for Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

In most cases our pricing is as low as we can make it, others, not so much.

Sometimes we run across a manufacturer or a product of a specific manufacturer where they have set an MSRP, this is the suggested price they want us to sell it for.

If an item costs me 50.00 and they want me to sell it for 100.00,  to me that's obscene, too much "profit" for one item. I absolutely hate unfair MSRP's.  I do not need this kind of profit, honest I don't, it makes it hard for me to feel good about what I am offering.

But there are sometimes valid reasons for MSRP's and reasons I cannot break some of them.

No Manufacturer can tell me what to sell something for, NONE, ever! 

However, what they can do is not take my next order, so if I desire to order from that company again, I am "forced" to list and sell at their MSRP no matter how unpleasant and against the name "DiscountVapers" it may be. In some cases the product is really good and I have people asking for them, so I "cave" and buy them and sell at MSRP.

The problem for us comes when other vendors buy these items as a one and done (not buying from the company again) or use a shell or third party to buy them.  This allows another vendor to sell for much less than I can and use coupon codes to get around MSRP. I cannot use a shell or third party, I have a legitimate business that follows all accounting rules. I am not about to start up another company to do my buying for me. Plus I am not really smart or organized enough to do it that way.

Please know I am not complaining about other vendors doing this, I would also if I could :)

This is great for you but there are unintended consequences

I have used Coupon codes in the past so I am not complaining about other vendors doing it, good for them I say, awesome that customers are getting good deals! but there is simply nothing I can do about it, if I get "caught" someone will "rat me out" and I will no longer be able to buy from said manufacturer.

So if you see something on our website that is listed by another vendor at a much lower price, you can contact me to see if there is an MSRP (I usually list it in the desccription also)  You will also be 100% assured that if I have an MSRP set, it is the genuine item, I do not buy knockoffs for any product.

(I do buy "clones" but that is generally stated in the description)

MSRP (or reasonable pricing) can also be a good thing! 
This may sound odd but this is how it works:

1. Manufacturer "X" sets a minimum MSRP for their "SuperFantasticAllInOne DuperPooper Mod" they set it at 75.00, I buy it for 40.00(with added ship costs etc)

2. Vendor "x" comes along and buys it through their buying "company" and has it shipped to them under a different name and sells it for 43.00!

3. Manufacturer "x" doesn't know who they are so cannot enforce the MSRP, they also ed up getting their "brand" cheapened, if they become know as the 43.00 superduper mod company, people will assume their stuff is inferior or just made of cheap materials.
(this is what they are trying to prevent with set pricing or minimums.)

4. I buy the same product, they know who I am and I am forced to sell it at MSRP with the other guy beating my pants offf. (good for them, congrats!)

5. The consequences of this is that neither I nor any other vendor who buys under their own name will ever buy this product in the future and potentially any products from that manufaturer.  I can't really, if someone else is selling something at cost or a potential loss I can't compete with that. This can kill the line and the developement of the product. It's not that we don't want to buy the products but with someone else potentially selling just above cost, we can't. 

6. Right or wrong, the product line can die out, support and replacements dry up and the manufacturer has lost potential revenue on sales and the consumer has lost choice.

Do I like MSRPs? No!!! but do they sometimes have a purpose? Absolutely.

I just wish manufacturers requests were lower sometimes as there is no need for vendors to profit this much.

The bottom line here is that you SHOULD always get the lowest price you can for genuine products, I am for that 100%.

In the end, I am sorry for the few items I carry with MSRP's and I will try to avoid it where I can.  If you ever buy something from me with an MSRP and it goes down in price within 30 days you are eligibile for the difference in a credit, just let me know :)