How to determine what resistance cartomizer for what battery

The Chart linked below shows Volts, Watts and Ohms and how they relate to your battery and atomizer or cartomizer.

Let's take an example:

You have an eGo battery and want to know what resistance cartomizer you should order of if the one you want will work with your battery.

In the chart you will see values highlighted in yellow, which I call the "sweet spot." This is my personal sweet spot; yours may vary. You'll also see a range of values in the RED, which indicated the Danger Zone, or the point at which an Atomizer or cartomizer is likely to overheat, pop or otherwise die.

The chart is setup like so:
The top row indicates battery voltage in volts.
The vertical column to the far left indicates atomizer or cartomizer resistance in ohms.
(Note: Double this value for dual coil cartomizers, accordingly)

By cross referencing the battery volt at the top with the atomizer resistance at the left, you can identify the exact wattage resulting from each specific combination.

Wattage is power.  In vaping, this is essentially the “heat” produced.  At certain levels of power, the resistance of an atomizer or cartomizer coil can overheat and burn out, rendering it no longer functional.

The red and yellow zones highlighted on the chart indicate where these voltage-ohm combinations become highly likely to overheat. If we vape at these wattages, by using these combinations,  we risk damaging our vaping equipment (atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer, battery or other device parts).

So how does it work? Lets use the Go-go as an example:
The Go-go battery has an output generally between 3.7 and 4.2 volts, and the cartomizer is 3.0ohm, which as anyone with a Go-go can tell you is considered quite “perfect”. Looking these values up on the chart, we see that this combo will range between 4.56 watts – 5.88 watts, well within the “safe” zone. So your eGo with the same volts should produce the same safe result, and you can vape like a fiend without too much trouble.

Should you choose to use a low resistant atomizer/cartomizer on your eGo? Yes, but you will see the wattage increase quite a bit. The low resistance Boge cartos are one of the more popular cartos around.  It's 1.5ohm and is used regularly on an eGo battery.  So while it does seem a little high in wattage, it will still work. Please use this chart more as a guide rather than a definitive 'yes' or 'no.'

I have limited my sweet spot to a range of 4 to 7 watts, just because I am wimpy when it comes to electronic devices, and I happen to like the output. But you can use anything that's not in the red area (12 watts or more). You could easily go up to 10+ watts or perhaps a bit more if you're not a serious chain vaper.

Please note: This chart isn't the "be all, end all."  My “safe zone” and “sweet spot” are not exact and are open to interpretation. The danger zone, however, is not. You can easily pop an atty with too much heat. Stay out of the red!

Download the Chart here

Here is a very simplified table please consult the chart, this is for a quick look 

Battery/Voltage Single Coil Dual Coil
510, 901, 808 2.0 - 2.5 ohm NO!
eGo Batteries 2.0 - 2.5 ohms. 1.5-1.7 ohms
3.7v (Go-go, Larger eGo, Riva) 1.7 to 3.2 ohms 1.5-1.7 ohms
5v (Variable Voltage) 2.5 to 3.2 ohms 2 ohms
6v (Variable Voltage) 3.2 ohms and up 2.5 ohms
7v (Variable Voltage) 4.5 to 5 ohms 3 ohms