Kanthal A1 Wire resistance Chart

Kanthal A1 resistance wire is for making your own atomizers.  Here is some info on estimating the ohms per inch on the different types of wire.

This chart is for A1 type of Kanthal wire per inch, other grades are different.

30 awg (Ω/in)   0.7 ohms
31 awg (Ω/in)   0.9 ohms 
32 awg (Ω/in)   1.2 ohms
33 awg (Ω/in)   1.4 ohms
34 awg (Ω/in)   1.8 ohms
35 awg (Ω/in)   2.3 ohms
36 awg (Ω/in)   2.9 ohms 

The lower the ohms per inch, the more wraps you will need, this can be a trade off as the thinner wire needs less wraps but also has less surface contact to the liquid.  Optimal seems to be 32 for most people.