Please read our policies before you place an order.

International Order please click here for important rules and information

Due to a recent influx of fraudulent orders, we have stopped all deliveries to countries other than the U.S, Canada, Australia, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Puerto Rico and Norway.  If you are ordering from one of the countries listed above, we will ship to you. We will not ship to any other countries.

For all orders, your billing address must match what is on file at your respective credit card (CC) company. If you have trouble ordering, please find out what your CC company has on file for your billing address and be sure to enter it exactly the same way.

International Shipping: We are prohibited by law from shipping individual batteries internationally. This includes personal vaporizer, advanced personal vaporizer and mod batteries such as AW or IMR 18350, 18650, 18490, etc.. However, we can ship eGo-type and other fully enclosed batteries.

Our shipping policy is to get you your items as quickly as humanly possible. In some cases we ship within hours.(Our record is 4 minutes.) If your order contains a specialized product or requires manual adjustment, we will refrain from shipping your order until all items are ready. If it appears that this will require an unusually lengthy delay, we will notify you.

How shipping works at DV:
First make sure to register an account with us.  We do not share or sell your information; it is safe with us. If you check out as a guest, however, be aware that you will not be able to track your package or get status updates.

Our local Post Office picks up at 5 pm ET, so we strive to complete all shipments by 3 pm ET.  If your order is placed before 3 PM ET, it will most likely ship the same day (but not always). The 5 pm ET pick up is our only pick up of the day. (Saturdays, it is 1PM)

If you get a shipping notice before 4PM ET on any day, it's the same as getting one the previous night.  It will go out that day and ship as fast as if you had gotten a shipping notice the night before.

Please know:  We do our absolute best to get your order out the same or next day. We have missed this goal only twice in 3 years.

Ship Schedule (all times are Eastern Standard Time)

Monday before 3:00PM ships same day, after 3:00PM, next day.
Tuesday before 3:00PM ships same day, after 3:00PM, next day.
Wednesday before 3:00PM ships same day, after 3:00PM, next day.
Thursday before 3:00PM ships same day, after 3:00PM, next day.
Friday before 2:30PM ships same day, after 2:30PM, next day.
Saturday before 11AM ships same day, after 11AM, ships Monday
Sunday Ships Monday.

On Monday through Friday, if you order after 3:00PM you may not get a shipping notice until 3:00PM the next day but it will still go out that next day.

No shipping on Sundays, major US holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

USPS Shipping trouble:

If your package has been delayed, and it's in the USPS system, I cannot help make it go any faster.  If it appears to have stalled on its way to you, CALL USPS.  As the intended recipient, you will get a faster resolution than I will. It's rare that a package is delayed or misrouted but it does happen.

Call 800-275-8777 and ask USPS to open a case.

Have a Package marked "Delivered" but you did not receive it?
Sorry, we do not replace or refund shipped packages that USPS has marked "Delivered". Since we have no control over the package once it has left our facility and entered into the hands of the USPS, we cannot be responsible for ensuring its arrival beyond reasonable means.

Please call USPS at the number above, and file a claim for your package. We use Track & Confirm to help minimize these occurrences and to assist you in determining what may have happened to your package.

If your packages are being marked "Delivered" yet you are not receiving them, on a repeated basis, it may indicate the likelihood of potential theft.  We cannot insure against this possibility, and recommend you add insurance to your order if you feel it is necessary.

Complete orders:

We weigh each package twice, once when packing and then again on an electronic scale that creates the label.   We know precisely what each package should weigh, based on the items ordered, and whether or not they weigh what they should. If an item is missing from your package before it leaves our facility (which is very rare), we will know immediately by the weight of the package. We have implemented this new policy due to a spate of recent scams. If your package is the proper weight for the items ordered, there will be no compensation. Claims can be made at USPS for missing items or damaged packaging.