DiscountVapers Returns & Exchange Policy

Please note: International Orders see the bottom of this page.


You may cancel an unprocessed or 'in progress' order at any time before they have been shipped.  
We will process these cancellations for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Once we send a shipping notice, however, they are no longer considered 'in progress.' 

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for shipping an order "too fast"! We do our very best to send out orders as soon as possible, so if you need to place a cancellation, please make the subject line of your email or customer service ticket: “CANCEL ORDER.”  This will assist us in identifying it quickly and taking corrective action immediately. 


You may return or exchange new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund (minus shipping fees). We'll also pay the return shipping costs but only if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect item, etc.). We do not pay for defective items to be returned, but we will pay for shipping you a new item if it is defective.

Errors, defects and other product issue returns:

1. Return for refunds are now only available for items that are received Dead On Arrival (DOA) and reported within 24 hours of USPS confirmation of Delivery. 
If you do not inspect your ordered items within 24 hours of receipt, they are no longer eligible for a full, no questions asked refund. You may, depending upon the circumstances,  return the questionable item for store credit, paying for shipping at your expense.

2. Clearomizers and Cartomizers are eligible for returns or exchanges only if they are DOA and reported within the 24 hour window.
Due to the nature of clearomizers and cartomizers, and not knowing which battery, voltage or liquids you are using, we cannot warranty the duration length a cartomizer or clearomizer will function. Coils pop; coils overheat.

Please read this page as to why this is our policy

3. Return shipping costs will be paid by DiscountVapers for 24 hour DOA returns only.
We do not incur the cost for shipping of any return of a product after the 24 hour period upon receipt of your order. Test your purchased items; ensure they fit the devices you use or that they are fully functional for their intended purpose. Contact us immediately if anything seems amiss.

4. Items cannot be returned or exchanged for a different item.
If it is defective, becomes defective or is DOA, we can send you the same item in return, unless it is no longer in stock. For example, we cannot swap a "bad" 650 eGo battery for a 900 eGo battery, or color Black product for one that is stainless steel. etc.

5. DV will not pay, provide a refund or offer a store credit for return shipping charges, if the return occurs outside of the 24 hour DOA-claim window.  The only exception will be where DV has made an undeniably blatant error in shipping you an incorrect item. It is your responsibility to check your items. USPS is a separate entity, and we do not profit in any way from shipping charges.

6. After the 24 hour DOA-claim window, the customer is responsible for return shipping charges, regardless of the reason. To ensure we pay shipping charges on items sent within the 24 hour-DOA claim window, please notify us IMMEDIATELY. Our contact info is on the contact page.

7. Claimed defectives products & general returns
If you claim that an item is defective, return it and we discover that it is functional based on our in-house testing, we will not return it to you unless you pay the return shipping.  We can offer you store credit to your account if the item is in resale condition. This is contingent upon the severity of the item's 'defective' condition.  For example, if a clearomizer does not 'work' on your eGo but works fine on ours, we will consider it resalable.

If the item you return is used, but not defective,you may ask us to ship it back, but we will not replace, refund or otherwise credit your account, and you will be responsible for shipping charges. We cannot give refunds on working items.  Further, all items returned will be credited to your store account plus a prorated weight cost, and will not be reshipped, unless it was the only item on your original order. You may use the credit to repurchase and add to a future order.

8. We are not responsible for any issues you may encounter with our products when used with another vendors' products.  We can only guarantee that our products work with products we sell and indicate in the product description are complementary with one another.  We cannot foresee any and all potential issues that may come from using a different manufacturers' item with a product we sell. The eCig market is quite fractured, with multiple Chinese factories competing with one another in every product category.  In many cases, one brand of eGo battery will not work with another brands' atomizers; one manufacturer's drip tip does not fit another's tank,etc. While this is uncommon, it does happen.

9. The warranty for any item not covered above is 30 days.
This does not include items that are physically damaged or look like they have not been taken care of. Batteries in particular can wear out in 30 days if they are constantly is use and charged, batteries have a finite amount of charge ability in them. If you have something that is no longer working, you can send it back, we will evaluate it. This warranty does not include cracked screens on APV's, broken tanks, cracked glass or anything that would indicate user-caused damage.  We do not cover missing or broken springs or internal parts, and all parts must be returned.
It also does not cover batteries that do not hold a charge since the time of your purchase.  Batteries naturally lose the ability to charge over time.

10. Deliveries to a business location are not covered under any warranty unless you have requested signature delivery. This is to ensure that only you have handled the package.

To return an item,  you MUST:

  • send the product(s) via USPS First Class or Priority Mail (at your discretion) to the address below
  • include a copy of your original receipt, and
  • a clearly written note or letter listing:

  1. the product(s) being returned
  2. the nature of the problem or other reason you are returning the product(s)
  3. specify what you would like in exchange for the return, i.e. same item, same color;  same item, different color; etc.
  4. your name, address and other contact information written CLEARLY both on the envelope and on the letter or note you send along with the return. You should use USPS Track & Confirm on the return, as we hold you responsible for the returned item until we receive it.

I WELCOME feedback on this policy in any areas you may feel are unfair or have not been addressed properly. I am always flexible. Unfortunately, many of these policies are the direct result of abuse of our return flexibility.

You do not need to contact us for a return, but please be aware of the policies above. We will not bend them for you simply because you returned something.

Our return address is: 
13 Rockdale Ave 
Oakville, Connecticut 06779