International Shipping Policy

International Shipments (Outside the USA) New rules

Please read the following terms, condition and rules regarding International Shipments:

1. We cannot ship batteries via USPS outside the USA.  If your order contains batteries they will be removed, and your payment for them refunded.  If your order consists entirely of batteries, it will be canceled.

2. We do not refund shipping costs.  As of  January 27, 2013, USPS raised their rates significantly. We do not pay international shipping charges for any reason.

We do our best to get everything right, but no one is perfect, by placing an order, you agree to these rules and accept responsibility of all shipping expenses.

3. We do not send replacement parts or exchanges for defective items (or otherwise) at our expense.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

4. If you have a problem with any items you have ordered, please read our return policy.  Our return policy is the same for both US and for international shipments with one exception:  all international shipping costs (both ways) are incurred at your own expense.

5. We will not forge customs documentation.  Likewise, we will not adjust prices indicated on shipping customs forms. Please do not ask us to alter the value, change product descriptions or omit items.

Very Important:
USPS DOES NOT TRACK SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE THE USA.  This means internationally shipped packages will only track to the postal air hub.  Once it reaches the air hub, it cannot be tracked any further.  International Priority Mail cannot be tracked beyond the US Northeast air hub:  Jamaica, NY or Springfield, MA.  Once it is listed as being in Jamaica, NY or Springfield, MA, it is sent to your countries customs and then on to the postal delivery service.  A package listed as being in Jamaica, NY or Springfield, MA is not "stuck."  This indicates that it has left the USPS tracking system and can updates can no longer be provided by USPS. All inquiries regarding package location beyond the Jamaica  or Springfield locations must be directed toward your own country's customs or postal service.

Since we cannot verify whether or not packages have been delivered, we cannot replace packages that are claimed lost or undelivered.  If you run into any issues, use the tracking number you were provided with and contact your postal and customs service in your country.

This rule is non negotiable.

If you wish to order from DiscountVapers and you are not in the USA, you are taking a risk.  99% of all packages are delivered correctly, and on time, but please make sure you are comfortable with the rules listed above and follow these tips:

1 Always double check your order before placing it.  Make sure the item(s) you are ordering are exactly what you want.

2. Do not place any battery orders. Do not place orders for items banned in your country.  The description you see on the website is the description Customs Officials will see on the customs declaration form.

3. Be aware of the return policy regarding international shipping fees.  It can be a very expensive proposition to send something back to us and also to have it shipped back out to you. Other vendors may have more favorable terms or use different shipping companies. Do your due diligence.

We love international sales, but the shipping expense is extremely high now, and we cannot incur the expense involved in returns.