Replacing coils is a tricky subject.

We do not replace coil heads because there are many reasons a coil can fail out of our control and it opens us up for continual replacement.

When we first started we had an open policy, this turned into a complete disaster. We literally had a few dozen customers who never bought more than one pack, just continually said theirs were bad over and over. So the main reason we do not replace them is we cannot test them first and have to take someone's word for it and "bad" to you may not actually be "bad" to us. While we'd love to trust everyone, our previous policy completely shows it's not feasible. This is why we put a no coil replacement policy on all of our coil pages.

So now if someone wants them replaced they have to come back to be tested to make sure they are not popped or otherwise damaged. Firing coils are not replaced.

While I do not doubt you personally, what you are describing is exceeding rare, this doesn't mean there are no bad coils of course, but along with the returns we get it does indicate that it is very rare, when someone gets multiples it usually indicates something else is going on.

But we will not ignore what you have reported, if you have coils that are not working, we will replace them on condition you send them back. Once tested, if they are bad and not simply popped coils, We'll send you a new full pack on your next order for the trouble and cost, but unfortunately we cannot just send you out coils based on an email. It may not seem worth it to send them back, but we will replace them with a full pack on your next order if they are faulty and not simply popped so that would ease it a bit. They will be tested, if they are not faulty, we cannot offer anything in return

I know this doesn't sound like great customer service, but coils are very problematic to warranty.

Ship to:


13 Rockdale Ave

Oakville, Connecticut 06779

Important: You must include a note in the package with your order number, name and email address, and a quick note why the item is being returned (perhaps print this out if you can).

This will make it process quicker.

Please use USPS if at all possible. Make sure to send with tracking